Choosing bootstrap vs material design

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I am a novice when it comes to Bootstrap and css in general. I would like a site with a fixed sidebar, fixed top nav and main content that scrolls.

The navbar is fixed and works ok. The layout of the sidebar and main content is fine too. The problem comes when I set the sidebar to fixed. The main content overlaps the sidebar.

I have tried adding a margin to the left of the main content to push it over but it looks horrible when resized to smaller device.

What is the correct way to achieve a fixed sidebar whilst still maintaining responsiveness?

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    25 Ocak 2017 at 20:17

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    I am trying to use file_get_contents However that gives me error .

    A PHP Error was encountered
    Severity: Warning
    Message: file_get_contents( [number token]/getUpdates):
    Filename: controllers/lifeChange.php
    Line Number: 19
    File: C:\OpenServer\domains\localhost\admin\application\controllers\lifeChange.php
    Line: 19
    Function: file_get_contents
    File: C:\OpenServer\domains\localhost\admin\index.php
    Line: 315
    Function: require_once
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